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  • E4500

Reefervan E4500 on road with stand-by

Type: On road with electric stand-by

Cooling capacity: 4795W

Application: Truck

Certification: CE,E-MARK, CSA, GS, ROHS

Mounted Method: Nose mounted/Bulk head mounted

  • Product Description
  • Technical Parameters

Product Description

Reefervan (O.E.M) transport refrigeration reefer products are manufactured and designed with over 30 years of industry experience and with the highest 
ISO quality TUV "CE & E Mark" certification.
Designed for vans and truck bodies 18ft  in length. Reefervan products combine unique "Interactive Service Design Features", Quality Industy 
Standard Components, Superior Cooling Performance and Affordability.
Easy to install reefers that can be roof or bulkhead mounted. Installation and servicing can be carried out by any regular AC or mechanical repair shop.
Replacement parts are lower in cost, compared to other well-known brands in the market, with no compromise on quality.
Choosing a Reefervan Reefer product will cool your product at the correct temperature all year round in the highest of ambient temperatures. 

Affordability! Reliability! Durability! Premium Quality! Superior Cooling!

          Reefervan Products are CE & EU Type Approved                            International & EU Sales Inquiries Welcome

1.Cooling capacity 16,000 BTU
2.Highest cooling capacity in class (more BTU) 
3.R404a Freezer Specification Standard
4.Road &/Or Electric Operation 115v - 230v 1 Phase
5.4 Evaporator Cooling Fans - Higher Air Flow 
6.CPR Compressor Valve (2) Standard Electric Op.
7.Hot Gas Defrost standard (Condenser Shut Off Valve)
8.Slim line Cooler in Cargo Area
9.Simple Temperature Cab Controller (Dual °C /°F) 
10.Warranty 1+1 year (Conditional)                                                                                            

Standard Features:
1.No Expensive Microprocessors or PCB's to Replace
2.High Ambient, High Air Flow Condenser Cooling Fans
3.Performance CPR Compressor Valves for High Ambient
4.Fan Cycling feature for Extended Fan Life
5.Oil Separator for Longer Compressor Service Life
6. Heavy Duty Compressor - TM (Sanden for Electric Op.)
7. Easy to Install - Rapid Installation
8.Can be Mounted on the Roof or Bulkhead Wall Mounted
9.Easy to Service "Tech Friendly"
10.Color Coded Wiring - Easy to Fault Find
11.Any Mechanical Auto Shop or HVAC Can Repair
12.Replacement parts up to 40% less in cost than equivalent TK or Carrier prices
13. Warranty 1 Year Standard, + 1 Year with Service Plan

Production line:







Technical Parameters

Model No: E4500
Cooling capacity(0°C) 4795W
Volume of container (m3) 21- 44 m3
Compressor brand: QUE from America
Compressor on road: 161cc
Evap.air flow: 2050m3/h
Air throw: 6M
Voltage: DC12V/24V
Refrigerant: R404A or R134A ,according to customer’s instructions
Evaporator: inner screw tube and aluminum fin
Condenser L:1400mm, W:840mm, H:470mm
Evaporator L:1210mm, W:600mm, H:220mm

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