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Tailer Developed Reefer Units for USA market

Date: Feb 13,2017

With 2 years development, Reefervan China has developed whole ranges of reefer products for Northm America market.

With high ambient temperature and wet working condition, Reefervan has developed the units with salts approval. And the unitsis very easy for superheat change . Amazing design for the high end market.



Reefervan China transport refrigeration reefer products are manufactured and designed with over 30 years of industry experience and with the highest ISO quality TUV "CE & E Mark" certification.


Designed for vans and truck bodies from 6ft to 24ft in length. Reefervan products combine unique "Interactive Service Design Features", Quality Industy Standard Components, Superior Cooling Performance and Affordability.


Easy to install reefers that can be roof or bulkhead mounted. Installation and servicing can be carried out by any regular AC or mechanical repair shop.


Replacement parts are lower in cost, compared to other well-known brands in the market, with no compromise on quality.


Choosing a Reefervan Reefer product will cool your product at the correct temperature all year round in the highest of ambient temperature

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